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    In 2016 the first phase of the goldfish panasonic opening special skills workshops in Datec company



       Spring is full of hangzhou, green is thick.

       March 28 to 30, 2016, three days of the 5 s3 set production innovation practice training training first half, a teacher in hangzhou grams of plastic co., LTD., the third floor training room.

      This training held by the group company, is in 2016 the first phase of the goldfish panasonic special skills workshop to the opening. Our company is pleased to as the host, a warm welcome from Japanese 31 of the group of teachers and students.

    A teacher, a total of three students to attend this training. Little summer, as one of the student that for training: training organization is organized, the instructor professional level is very high, full of affinity. Group discussion quite inspired everyone's speech, is very benefit for the future work.

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