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    [employees] heaven and earth management experience



        A little story to share with you.


        Seven people live together, every day to drink a bucket of porridge, porridge every day is not enough.At first, they drew lots to decide who to porridge, round a every day. As a result a week down, they have only one day is enough, is the day that my porridge.Then they began to elect a man of noble moral points porridge. Power tends to corrupt, and everyone started out to please him, bribed him, make the whole clique lampblack gas barrier.And then everyone began to form three points porridge committee and four of the selection committee, each other wrangling, porridge to eat into his mouth is full of cold. Finally think out a method: take turns points porridge, porridge, but points to other people after picking out the rest of the last bowl. In order not to allow yourself to eat to a minimum, each share, on average, as far as possible, if uneven, also can only be recognized.Everyone happy, kind and days over, the better.

         This little story, let me deep feelings when.

    As a manager, I always thought that a manager's main duty is to establish a like "take turns points porridge," points after a reasonable management system.A good system, employees' personal interests and the interests of the whole company will unify, give full play to the subjective initiative of employees, achieve personal and company a win-win. Nearly period of time, the company top on the institutional change made a lot of effort, has made gratifying achievements, greatly improve the customer satisfaction.I firmly believe that, under the leadership of the leadership of the company, through the concerted effort of the staff, a teacher, the future of the company and employees will be getting better and better!



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