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    Sound insulation box

    Function is introduced:


    1.Incubator with high and low power amplifier and FM radio function.

    2.Mobile phone bluetooth, USB, SD card, microphone, electric guitar power amplifier function, can lighting, pump gas, realize two-way charge and discharge function.

    3.Heat preservation box adopts whole PU foaming environmental protection, large capacity, 48 hours heat preservation is not ice melt.

    4.Portable pull rod box mobile car design, the device, mobile phones, MP3 and other independent storage space, have beer, coke bottle opener, and other functions.

    5.Products belong to the world first cross-border, applied for 6 patents in the United States. Is suitable for people in the field of catering, entertainment, such as barbecue, sports grounds, swimming beach, a square dance, music, road trips, etc.

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